11 Best free iTunes Alternatives [2020]

AnyTrans - iTunes AlternativesAnyTrans - iTunes Alternatives

With all great features, iTunes has some major problems and so now apple users need some cool & free iTunes alternatives. The biggest problem in iTunes is the sync. Its sync seriously sucks. And not only that its other storage is annoying, home-sharing and tagging. So, here is a list of 11 best free iTunes alternatives for organizing and sync your music collection, to move to your pc and to stream music & listen to podcasts.

1. MusicBee


If you are in a search of an ultimate music manager and the player then you must check out MusicBee at first. It automatically connects to the Last.fm to scrobble songs to the playlist and provides the album art as well as the lyrics for the music.

Download MusicBee

MusicBee allows you to stream and convert all major music formats. You can find new similar music by AutoDJ option, browse music by Last.FM and can also find ripping, tagging tools. At last, unlike all the music players it also provides you the portable MusicBee app so that you can easily get all your music wherever you want without any sync.

2. Swinsian

Swinsian - iTunes ALternate player

Swinsian is a quite sophisticated music player for macOS with large format support. The navigation panel is quite impressive providing multiple options to track like the art grid, browser, and the track inspector. You can easily add your tags, find the duplicates to replace them.

Download Swinsian

Unlike the other players, the playlist maker is amazing. You can filter your song by genre, play count, rating and year. Among all these, there is more such feature present in Sswinsian which makes it unbeatable. You can download it via the below link or I recommend you to purchase it for $19.99 only to get access to all the features.

3. Clementine

Clementine Audio Player

Clementine is an amazing freebie audio player. If you are finding a free iTunes alternative with many online platforms then you must look for Clementine. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Download Clementine

Besides the skins, it has everything to be your iTunes alternative. It supports Jamendo, Spotify, VK, Sound Cloud, Last.fm, Amazon cloud drive, Box, DDropbox Google Drive, Ice cast, Jazz radio, and many others along with podcasts. Unlike the other audio players, it also provides you the song info, artist info, sound effects, and ripping.

4. Imyphone

ImyPhone - iTunes Alternatives

iMyFone TunesMate is basically for transfer all your data from iPhone to other devices. It is really an ideal tool for transferring data from iTunes to iPhone/iPad/iPod or from iPhone to windows. The best feature in IMyFone is the drag and drag feature. Besides transferring the data it has a number of other features also like the 1-click library builder and ios manager which provide you direct music stream with any sync hurdle, photos backup and app manager.

Download Imyphonetunesmate

5. Winx mediaTrans

Winx MediaTrans

If you are finding a versatile iTunes alternative with some more attractive features than iTunes then you must go for Winx Media Transfer. Winx is fully compatible with windows as well as masOS with x10.6 or above. It provides you with an awesome user interface, with a superb speed media transfer and manager.  You can also encrypt your media files by Winx with 32/64/128-bit encryption.

Download Winx mediaTrans

6. AnyTrans


Well, as the name suggests AnyTrans is an ultimate tool for transfer and sync data between all your devices along with cloud drives.

Download AnyTrans

You can get it free if you are searching for basic tools or wanna just transfer a little data or I suggest you to upgrade to pro ($39.99) for better two-way sync and best phone management.

7. Vox media player

VOX Music Player

If you are in a search of music player with inbuilt huge radio then you should not go more than Vox. Vox media player with its awesome features contains inbuilt 30,000+ radio stations with genre and countries. It supports large media formats, along with almost all major playlist formats. You can control the player by its main interface, dock context, and main menu controls. It auto-sync the album art and lyrics from Last.FM and MusicBrainz and add to music if not present. Inbuilt SoundCloud,  last.FM, MusicBrainz, and other radio platform integration.

Download Vox media player

The only con here is Vox is paid ($4.99/month). You can also get its free version but it is not as good as the others I listed.

8. Waltr 2

WLTR - Media Player

Waltr2 is again an awesome artwork by softorino. Unlike, every other app waltr2 provides you the best ACR (Automatic Content Recognition), like if you are viewing movies then it automatically recognizes and fills the title, genre, description, actor info, and all the info present which tremendously improving the way of watching movies. With waltr2 you can seamlessly convert your files.

Download Waltr 2

And at last, it automatically looks out for your device and connects it without any need for a cable connection.

9. MediaMonkey

Media Monkey - iTunes Player

MediaMoney – another cool media manager. The best thing with MediaMonkey is it can manage thousands of media files without any performance drop.  You can identify tracks, tag them, organize and rename them, make playlist, download music and podcasts, burn DVDs, record media and much more fun with MediaMonkey.

Download MediaMonkey

10. Fidelia

Fidelia - iTunes Player

Fidelia is a simple and classy tool for macOS. It supports a wide range of media formats, along with that you can stream your songs from all your devices.  At last, If you are finding an iTunes alternative as very light then must get for Fidelia.

Download Fidelia

So, What is the best alternative to iTunes?

All the ones listed are the top alternative to iTunes, you can try them from the first as we ordered them by the best.

This is all about the best free iTunes alternative of all the time by which you can easily sync your music collection, to listen to podcasts and to stream your music.