How to create Instagram account

Create Instagram Account
How to Create Instagram Account

Before creating an Instagram account, a small walkthrough about Instagram. Instagram is an immensely popular social networking application that allows you to share photos and videos through your wireless devices like smartphones, iPad, tablet, etc. It is very similar to the other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter wherein the users have a profile, can see news feed, comment, and share and like pictures and videos.

Whenever you post a picture or a video on your Instagram handle it will be displayed on your profile and can be viewed by all your followers. Similarly, you can also view the pictures and videos posted by all those people whom you follow.

Creating an account on Instagram

Before you start to think of Instagram, it is necessary to know how to create an Instagram account. There are two methods to do so; one is through the Instagram app and the other is through your computer. The steps are mentioned below.

A. Creating an account through the Instagram app:

Knowing how to create an Instagram account through the Instagram app has never been a tedious task. All you need to do is to follow certain simple steps.

1. Download the app from App store or Google Play store and Install it

The first step involved in the process is to download the Instagram app, that is totally free, from either the App store (for iOS users) or through the Google Play Store (for the android users). Once you have installed the app on your device, tap on the Instagram icon to open it.

Instagram Android – 

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free

Instagram iOS – 

Developer: Instagram, Inc.
Price: Free+

2. Sign up using your Email/Phone no/ Facebook Id

Now you can either select to sign in using your email id or your phone number. You can then enter either your email address or your phone number, after which you need to enter the confirmation code that you receive and then tap ‘Next’. You can also select the option of ‘Log in with Facebook’ wherein you can sign up using your already existing Facebook account.

3. Add your unique Username and Set up a strong password

Once you are done with signing up through your email id/phone number/Facebook id, you now need to create and enter a unique Instagram username that would be visible to all your followers. You then have to create a very strong inaccessible password for your Instagram account, to make sure that your account is not prone to hackers.

4. Fill in all the other necessary details

Now, fill in all the necessary profile information that has been asked including updating your profile picture. Once you are through this tap ‘Done’. Your Instagram account is now ready to use.

B. Creating an account using your Computer:

Now, you can also know how to create an Instagram account using your computer by following these simple steps.

1. Go to the official website of Instagram

Click on Once you visit the site, you would be asked to ‘Sign up’ to create a new Instagram account.

2. Sign in using your email id/ phone number/ Facebook id

After you go to the site, you would be asked to sign up using either your existing Facebook id or your email id or your mobile number. Enter the necessary details such as your email address/mobile number, create your unique username and set a strong password that cannot be easily hacked. You can also simply click ‘Log in with Facebook’ option to sign in with the help of your existing Facebook account.

If you sign in with your email id, make sure that you fill in the proper details and select the email id that you can access very easily. This is because if you log out of your Instagram account and in case forget the password, you would be sent a link to your email id to reset your password.

3. Your account is ready to be used

Once you have filled in all the above mentioned details, your account is now ready to use. Now you can follow people, but to post pictures and videos a mobile device is necessary.

Instagram can be taken to be a further simplified version of Facebook, with the main emphasis being on mobile use and sharing. It is a free application that is available to both IOS as well as Android users. Just like all other social media handles, Instagram also allows you to interact with other Instagram users by following them. You can then go on to like, comment, view and share their pictures and videos, tag them on several pictures, posts or videos, and even chat through private messaging.