How to Create Skype account – Step by Step Guide

Create Skype accountCreate Skype account
How to Create Skype account
How to Create Skype account

Creating a Skype account is a simple process and does not take more than 5 minutes if you have a stable network connection. A Skype account can be made in different ways like Skype for Android, For Mac and iOS, etc. the article will help you with the universal method of how to create a Skype account.

Steps to Create a Skype account:

For those that don’t know how to set up Skype, here’s how to go about it:

  • Download and install the Skype application from This will fit all the essential functions into the computer.
  • Obtain a microphone and some speakers. It allows a smooth normal conversation.
  • For a video call, you need a webcam.
  1. Sign-Up

The first screen allows you either to log in to your account or create a new account. You need to click on the “Create Account or Sign up” option.

  1. Enter Phone Number

After clicking Create Account you will go to, The screen will appear as shown below. The registration form here is in English, but Skype offers the way in other languages as well such as French, Spanish, Deutsch, etc.

Enter your phone number. You should always mention valid data and details.

You must always enter specific and valid information in the form. Accurate data helps your friends and family to connect with you easily on Skype.

  1. Create Password

After you are done with entering a phone number which has not been registered on skype earlier, the next step in how to create Skype account is to create a strong password.

One of the most basic layers and the first line of defense is setting an administrative password. Setting a password is one of the most important lines of defense you can deploy. Setting a strong password is important because weak passwords are easily hacked. Strong passwords consist of:

  • Both upper, and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols
  • A strong password should be 7-15 characters long

The password should be a combination of numbers and alphabets. A password should be strong enough so that the attackers do not guess it.

  1. Enter your name

This information is mandatory. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can proceed with entering only your initials.

  1. One Time Password

Now, the screen will appear which prompts you to enter the OTP sent on the phone number which you have entered. You will get  a one time password(OTP) on your phone number. Enter the OTP.

  1. Final step

After entering the OTP, when you will click “Next.” This is the final step of creating a Skype account. Now, the following screen will appear.

And your account is all set to use.

The home screen of Skype

Now for a better reach, you can add a profile picture too. It is also recommended to add on the date of birth, gender, etc. as well. But if you wish to keep anonymous, you can skip adding these details.

Create Skype account

Skype requires a stable network connection to connect the call. Some countries also offer the facility of Skype number.

Skype has some features that make it very attractive to internet business owners. Skype members can make telephone calls for free to other people using the service.

What Skype offers

Skype is easy to install and use. Skype is making a revolution in the way and allows various functions. Credit calling facility is also available, but that service is a paid one.

In addition to voice calls and text messaging, you can also:

  • Make video calls using your webcam. The service provides HD video conferencing for free.
  • Transfer files by dragging and dropping them into the Skype interface to send securely.
  • Share your computer screen. When you turn on this feature, the person you are talking to can see what you are doing on your computer. This is perfect for collaborative projects.
  • Make conference calls for up to 25 people. People can join the conference call using Skype, a landline, or a cell phone.
  • Instant message other people in your network.
  • Make international calls without paying international rates. Skype to Skype calls free no matter where they are made or received.
  • Used Skype on some smartphones and television sets.


Whether you have created the account on laptop, PC, or phone, you can log in to it from any device and browser. If you have filled all the details correctly, your account will be ready within minutes. So, what keeps you waiting, you now know how to create a skype account. Download Skype to connect with your friends and family.