How to Delete Messages on FB Messenger Mobile and Computer

Remove Facebook Message on both sideRemove Facebook Message on both side

I remember, there was a time when all of us were hooked to Facebook all day. It was considered a platform where you could post new profile pictures, update your cover pictures, and also share videos with your friends. Initially, Facebook was a social networking site where you connected with your long lost friends. However, it later developed as a leading portal for digital marketing and also connecting with people. Some time back, Facebook launched the Messenger app that helps you to send messages to people on Facebook. 

How to Delete Messages on Messenger on Mobile App?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Steps to delete Messages on FB messenger App

  1. Open Messenger and choose the Person

    First, you must open the Messenger app. You must ensure that you have an active internet connection. It helps you to load all the messages, and you can then decide the ones who want to delete. 

  2. Find the message you want to delete

    After you have loaded all the messages, you must select the one you want to delete. Sometimes, it may be an old message. In that case, you can type the name on the search bar, and it will lead to the specific chat window. 

  3. Swipe right and click the Garbage Icon

    Then, you swipe right on the message. Instantly, you will see three options. The first one is a set of three horizontal lines. It gives you options such as ‘mark as unread,’ ‘ignore messages,’ and, ‘block XYZ.’ Right next to it, you will see a bell icon. This is the mute button. You can silence notifications from the particular message for any period that you want. Lastly, you will see a red circle with a white garbage tin in it. This is the ‘delete messages’ button. 

  4. Hide or Delete the Message

    The delete button also gives you two alternates to pick from. Firstly, you may ‘hide’ the messages, or secondly, you may delete them permanently. In case you ‘hide’ a message, you can instantly recover it by typing the person’s name in the search box and clicking on it. If you send them a message again, it restores the previous content as it is. 

How to Delete Messages on Messenger on Computer?

It’s also not so hard to delete messages on your Facebook account on PC, please follow the simple steps given below to do that in no time.

Remove Facebook Messages
  1. Go to and go to Messages.
  2. Hover on the message to see three dots
  3. Click on the dots to see more
  4. Click more to see Remove option
  5. Click on the Remove option to delete the message.

Do delete All the Messages from a single person, near to his name in the messenger you’ll see three dots, click on that to see many options. Choose Delete to delete all the messages you got from them.

How to delete messages on messenger from both sides?

To delete the message both sides for you and for whom you have sent, Facebook has came with the new option just like WhatsApp. follow the steps below.

  1. Hover on the message you want to delete both sides
  2. Click on the three dots
  3. Choose remove from the option
  4. Pop-up appears and ask you “Remove for Everyone” or “Remove for you”
  5. Choose “Remove for Everyone” to delete the message on both side.
Remove Facebook Message on both side

FAQs on deleting messages on Messenger

Will the other person know if I delete their messages? 

No, the other person does not get a notification if you remove their message on Messenger. Your activities are restricted to your account. Deleting a message from your mobile’s Messenger will delete it from your desktop’s Messenger too. 

Does deleting a message from Messenger permanently block them? 

No, deleting a message on Messenger does not mean that you are blocking the person. If you want to block them on Facebook, then you must click on their profile and hit the block button. There is a feature that allows you to block them on Messenger only if you do not want them to send you messages. 

Can I recover deleted messages? 

No, you cannot recover a deleted message on Messenger. Once you delete a message, it is completely gone. When you tap on their name the next time, to send them a new message, the message box will be fresh without any records. 

Creating Facebook messages is rather simple. All you need to do is click on the person’s profile and tap on the message button. Alternatively, you can use the Messenger app and type their name in the search bar to open the message window. With the steps mentioned above, you can quickly delete messages that you no longer wish to keep on your device. You may also use the ‘hide’ button that helps you to archive the messages without deleting them altogether.