How to Delete Microsoft Account Permanently – 2020

How to delete Microsoft accountHow to delete Microsoft account

You no longer need your Microsoft account or have a duplicate account and want to close it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Before you proceed to delete your account, Microsoft needs to make sure of two things:

  1. In order to check that it is only you who is trying to close the account and not anyone else, Microsoft may ask you to prove your identity and intent.
  2. It asks you to confirm if you are not leaving anything, important, behind that you might need later.

Closing a Microsoft account means you’ll no longer be able to use your account to sign in to the Microsoft products and services you’ve been using. It also deletes the services associated with it, including your

  • Saved OneDrive files
  • Xbox Live data and GamerTag
  • Skype ID and Contacts
  • account
  • Hotmail
  • Live
  • MSN email accounts

So, before closing your account take some time to cancel subscriptions and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. You can’t delete just any one of the services mentioned above.

Steps to Delete Microsoft Account

When you are 100% ready to close your account follow the following steps:


Go to Close your account.


When on being prompted to sign in to your account, check twice that it is the account you want to delete. If not, opt for sign in with a different Microsoft account. If you face a problem while signing in to the account you want to close, see When you can’t sign in to your Microsoft account for help fixing.

Email confirmation for Microsoft


You will receive an email consisting of a security code so as to help you sign in once you enter your email Id. Enter the code in the space required and select Verify.


Check that the page shows the correct Microsoft account that you want to delete, read all the contents of the page carefully and then select Next.


Read the list. Once you are done reading select all the checkboxes that appear on the screen to acknowledge that you’ve read all of them.


Then, when asked to Select a Reason for leaving the account, drop down the list from the one provided and choose a suitable reason to close your account.


Mark the account for closure.

Mark Account for Closure


You’ll receive a mail for confirmation purpose stating that if you want to re-activate your account, sign in with the respective ID and password within 60 days from the date of closure, else after 60 days the account will be deleted, permanently.

Microsoft Account closed


Return back to the browser.


There will appear a page stating the same thing that the mail consisted, that you can re-activate your account within sixty days from the date of closure, failing to which the account will be permanently deleted and will no longer be recoverable. Once you are done with all the process mentioned above, select Done.

And there you go!

Thus, in a few simple steps, you can delete your Microsoft Account without any hassle.