How to delete POF (Plenty of Fish) account in 2020

Delete POF accountDelete POF account

Plenty of Fish also known as PoF is a Canada based online dating service website. You might have registered on it in wake of finding some love but maybe unsatisfied or want to try another app or site or may have found the love of your life and now want to end your search for ‘the one’ and are now wondering if you can delete your account and if yes then how? The process is fairly simple.

Delete POF account

Deleting the account means erasing all your information and history and your existence from that particular website or app. You will not be able to recover it, so keep in mind about any subscriptions on the site and clear it off.

Steps to Delete your POF Account Permanently

Time needed: 3 minutes.

  1. Log in to POF Account

    To delete your account, you will have to first login with your credentials from the login page by going on Plenty of Fish’s website or app.

  2. Click Help Option

    After logging in you will see your profile page. Go to the top right corner of your screen, click on the Help option.

  3. Choose “Remove Profile”

    After clicking on help, you will find on the left side different Frequently asked questions (FAQs) like edit profile, hide profile, favorites, remove the profile, messages, mail settings, send and receive gifts, conversations, PoF email notifications, etc. Click on ‘Remove Profile’.

  4. Click on the second “click here’ for deleting your account”.

    After clicking on ‘remove profile’, you will get 2 options. The first is to hide your profile and second is to delete your profile. Now, remember hiding your profile will deactivate you from the site whereas deleting it will mean permanently deleting which cannot be recovered or reactivated.
    Click on the second ‘click here’ for deleting your account.

  5. Choose “To Delete your account”

    You will be redirected to a page where the warning and meaning of deleting your account will be given. Whatever the reason for leaving is, you will have to make sure you mention it in the questions which will be asked later.
    On scrolling down the page, you will find out that there are various options of the app, setting you up with better matches or blocking unwanted users who approach you, hiding the profile and various others. One of them is ‘To delete your account’. It is the last option. Click on it.

  6. Give Username and password

    You will be redirected to this page where the app or site will ask for your username and will also ask your reason for leaving. Based on the reason you will have to answer the question of ‘What is the username of the person you met?’ ‘Would you recommend PoF to others?’ Answer accordingly.

  7. Select “Quit/give up/delete account” POF

    Then lastly, click on ‘Quit/give up/delete account’. Your account will then be deleted and you will be redirected to the login page.

In case you want to make an account again on Plenty of Fish, you will have to enter all your information on a new basis as you cannot recover your old account.