How to Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently [2020]


Need to delete your WhatsApp account? The WhatsApp has taken the messaging world by storm, it is one of the most downloaded applications of all time. The reason for this tremendous popularity of WhatsApp is its ease to use, lightweight and robust features that facilitate a great messaging experience through the use of audio clips, attachments, gifs, etc.

Almost everyone in the world who has an internet connection and a smartphone uses WhatsApp. It has become almost a prerequisite for any modern human. Whatsapp has made it very easy to access many features, deleting the account is one of them. It can be done in just two steps.

Although WhatsApp has rolled out with the encryption method which safeguards messages from getting leaked, still, people may have a lot of personal reasons for deleting the account associated with their number. Do note that once you delete your account, all the messages and data will no longer be accessible and considering Whatsapp as an important mode for communication, this is more vital.

Steps to Delete Your Whatsapp Account Instantly

YouTube Video explaining the steps to delete your WhatsApp Account.

Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile device with the number associated with the account you want to delete. Make sure you choose the right account in case you are using multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Step by step guide to delete your WhatsApp Account:

  1. Open WhatsApp and Go to Settings

    On the top right of your application screen, you will find ‘three dots’. Click on it and choose ‘Settings’.

    WhatsApp settings

  2. Click on Account

    In the Settings window, click on ‘Account’ – Privacy, security, Change Number

    WhatsApp Accounts

  3. Click on Delete My Account

    Here, you will see the last option as ‘Delete my Account’. Click on it and voila, your account will be deleted. Provide all confirmations for the same if prompted.

    Delete WhatsApp my account

  4. Enter your Phone number and click Delete My Account

    Type your Phone number to confirm and click on “Delete My Account”.
    Delete my Account