How to Delete Yahoo Account Permanently [2020]


Your Yahoo account surely helps you with your other accounts. Because everywhere you go you always have the option of logging in with your email. So, there may be multiple reasons and solid ones at that if you are reading this blog about deleting your Yahoo account.

Yahoo recently built a search email tool for the US government which led to 1 billion accounts hacked. At least Yahoo has one of the simplest ways of letting their customers deleting their accounts.

Steps to delete your Yahoo account 2020

When it comes to deleting your account, moving forward with the decision leads to the data loss linked to that account, and losing access to email folders, Flickr photos, calendars, Yahoo Fantasy teams, and Yahoo Finance portfolios. Deletion of the account will lead to the termination of any services that you have paid for.

Step 1

But before deleting your account, you can download all the data that you have on your account. After all, you wouldn’t want to lose anything important.

You can close your account if it has no balance in it. Another thing is that you have to be 90 days past the cancellation of any subscriptions. Also, close any ongoing subscriptions before closing your account to avoid any unwanted extra charges.

You need to sign in to your account termination page. Click here.

Step 2   

Yahoo will tell you about all the services that will be terminated. You will be asked to continue with the deletion process.

steps to delete Yahoo account

Step 3 

You will be asked to enter your email address again before finally terminating the account.

Terminate Yahoo account

Step 4

As soon as you do this and click the button, this will appear.

Deactivate Yahoo account

This is the confirmation message and it will say that your request will be proceeded with soon.

What happens after you delete the account?

  • A Yahoo mail account with the British telecommunications cannot be canceled through Yahoo’s service but you can directly contact the British telecommunications to cancel such account.
  • After deleting the account, if you sign in to it on the Yahoo login page within 30 days of closing your account it can be reactivated again. but the mails sent to you between opting for deletion and reactivating won’t be available to you.
  • After you choose to delete your account, anyone who sends a mail to you would get a delivery failure message. Also. once the deletion process is complete, your username and email address are available for any other user to take. If it is taken by someone and then someone emails on your address, the mail will be sent to the new user.
  • Yahoo takes a time of up to 90 days to delete your account and if you want this to end anytime sooner, you can start by deleting your data like photos and mails yourself. This will lead to early account deletion.
  • Oath may keep some of the information so that anytime that you visit it, it can be personalized according to you.
  • Some things that you can keep in mind before proceeding are that you have your password ready, that you delete any child accounts associated with your Yahoo account and make sure that you have an active email address to follow the deletion process.

So, these are the different steps to delete your Yahoo account. Go ahead!