How to Block a Channel on YouTube [PC and Mobile]

Block a YouTube channelBlock a YouTube channel

With around 2 Billion monthly active users YouTube is undoubtedly the World’s largest video Database and with this huge number of active users and 300 hours of videos uploading per minute, there is a strong possibility you could find something annoying on YouTube. It could be an NSFW video, or you just trying to create a safer environment for your children. You could have enough reasons to Block a YouTube channel but the issue is YouTube doesn’t allow its users to block specific channels directly. However, there are certain ways to block a channel on YouTube. So, if you are tired of YouTube recommending content in your subscription feed that you don’t want to watch then don’t panic, now you can do something about it by permanently blocking videos and channels on YouTube and in this article, I am gonna talk about some of the recommended ways to block nasty YouTube channels.

Block a YouTube channel

Steps to block a YouTube Channel on Computer and Mobile below-

Blocking a YouTube channel on a Computer

Before writing this article, I have done some research and I have seen a lot of blogs recommending some video blockers. But I say NEVER use such thing the reason I am not in favor of them is neither it is trusted and secure nor it works all the time. Also, it could (never tested) make your browser prone to several browser attacks. So, here we’ll go the secure way. But before I start YouTube has a feature that’s worth checking. To control your YouTube recommendations, you can even mark videos that you don’t wanna watch as not interested. This way YouTube knows that these are videos and topics you don’t need in your feed and it really works great almost all the time. Alright now without wasting much time let’s start.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Steps to block a YouTube Channel on a PC

  1. Login to your YouTube account

    First of all, visit and login to YouTube with your Google account. If have already logged in to your google account then YouTube will automatically recognize and you don’t need to log in again.

    SignIn to YouTube

  2. Visit the channel’s profile you want to block

    Just search the channel name on YouTube and visit the channel’s profile. If you can’t find the channel in the search results you can also filter the results by selecting result Type as a channel in the filter menu. If you have subscribed to the channel then directly visit your library and click the channel’s name from there.

    YouTube Channel

  3. Visit the about section

    In the channel navigation, you will see “About”. Now head over to the about section and check the “stats” section.

    Channel About

  4. Click the flag icon

    Now, in the stats section of the about page click the flag icon. This will toggle a small menu where you can find “Block User”. Next click the block user and a confirmation popup will be prompted.

    Block channel

  5. Click submit when prompted.

    As you click the button named SUBMIT. It’ll immediately block the channel for you.

    Confirm Block User

NOTE: Once you have blocked channels on YouTube, you can’t see their videos and leave comments on them.

Blocking a YouTube channel on mobile devices

Well blocking YouTube channel on mobile is easier than that of computers.

Channel about in Mobile
  1. Open the YouTube app on your android or iPhone.
  2. Search and open the channel you want to block
  3. Toggle menu by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner and select “Block User”.
  4. Click “BLOCK” when the confirmation box appears.

So, now you know how you can block all the channels you don’t want in your YouTube feed. If you know a better solution for the same. Please let us know in the comments and we’ll update that as soon as possible.