How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently

Delete Telegram AccountDelete Telegram Account

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging services and been there for several years. It has tons of great features like unlimited server storage with a max file size of 2GB, group members capacity, channels, secret-chat, amazing bots, multiple sessions, self-destruct message timers, client customization, and many more. Since it’s funded by a russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, so far it doesn’t even need to create funds by monetization like other internet giants like facebook.

so, why you wanna delete your telegram account?

  1. first, the end-to-end encryption is not used at all places, Telegram uses it for only secret chats and calls. Telegram is a really secure alternative to most of its competitors. But, besides all the fancy stuff, telegram lacks at some places.
  2. Telegram has a very low user base in a lot of countries as compared to other alternatives like whatsapp [but I still prefer telegram over whatsapp]
  3. Telegram has also experienced attacks and breaches in the past. In 2017 some hackers exploited media file jacking, unicode bugs to spread some malware using telegram.
  4. Telegram used MTProto ( whose security has not been fully proved. It has been critisized numerours times.
  5. Simply your friends don’t use Telegram (:P)

So I guess maybe due to one of these reasons or something else you might wanna switch to another messaging service.

Can I disable my telegram account for some time?

Telegram is a great application with tons of amazing features but unfortunately as of now you can’t disable your account. So, be careful if you do the process then it will completely delete all of your data from telegram servers.

Step-by-step guide: How to delete your telegram account

so I said before that the decision the of deleting your account is final there is no you way you could recover your data once its deleted from telegram servers. But if you still wanna delete your telegram account then let’s get it done. We can achieve the same via two ways – the self destruct feature and instant delete option.

Option 1: Using the self destruct settings

as you also might have noticed that telegram’s android or ios apps doesn’t have any option to instantly delete. All the telegram accounts are set to auto-destruct after a default inactivity of six months, which means that if you dont log into your telegram account for that time, then all your data along with contacts and conversations will be permanenlty deleted from telegram servers. The time tho can be adjusted ranging one to twlelve months.

You can use this feature and set the destruction time the minimum value which is one months, and then just wait (and ofc your telegram must not be logged in that time). Well if to proceed then here the steps to do this.

1. open your telegram and go to settings.

2. now select “privacy and security” and scroll down “Automatically Delete my account”

3. click “if away for” and set it to 1 months

now you just have to wait for a month and make sure you never login to the account otherwise you will reset the clock and you have to wait for another month

option 2. Using the instant delete option

Or if don’t wanna wait for even a month then don’t worry coz now I am gonna show you how to delete it within a few minutes and get it over with.

1. so, first you wanna go to Telegram deactivation page [thomas make sure its _blank or it’ll reload in the same page]

2. now enter your registered phone number in the international format and click next

3. check your telegram app you might’ve received a confirmation code if you’ve entered the number correctly.

4. once you received the code go back to the deactivation page, enter the code and click sign in telegram will ask why do you wanna leave them just say any reason you want or since its optional you can leave it empty.

6. click “Delete my account”, now a popup will apear and for the last time Telegram will ask you if you are sure to leave as you will be allowed to signup again for several days if u leave.

7. If you are sure then just click “yes detele my account”.

8. you will receive a confirmation message on screen and now you are no longer allowed to use telegram

9. Last step, Delete the telegram app from your devices and you are done with telegram.

That’s it, you have successfully deleted telegram and you are no longer a part. If at any point you wanna join again just wait a couple days and telegram will allow you to join again. If you any question regrarding the same just shoot them in the comments.