How to Delete YouTube Video Uploaded by Others or You

Delete YouTube VideoDelete YouTube Video

Come on. Let’s face it. We all are addicted to YouTube videos. The genre just doesn’t matter anymore. We have all been there when we are watching silly cat videos at 3 am in the morning. And sometimes you see unappropriate videos surfacing on YouTube and you want to remove that. or you get inspired to upload some silly videos of our own. And it gets so humiliating to revisit them later on while you are getting teased by your friends. These are the times when you should just go for deleting it and save yourself from further embarrassment. We can just hope that maybe not many people have watched it and soon they will forget about it. 

Ways to Delete YouTube video uploaded by others

Your copyrighted video was stolen by someone or You would have came across some videos that was not supposed to be there on YouTube and you want to remove that now, but how to do that? you are not the admin for the video, and you can’t remove them. below are the ways-

  1. Send the owner of the video a message, explaining in detail about the video and why it should be removed, to do that go to their channel and in the about section you’ll find their mail id or option to send them a message.
  2. If you get no response from report about this to YouTube.

How to delete YouTube video uploaded by You

If you uploaded a video by mistake or if you want to clean your channel, deleting video is the easiest process on YouTube. There are two ways of removing content from your YouTube channel. The first one is through a computer, and the second is through the Mobile app of YouTube. Here is a quick guide on how to do it both ways.

How to delete a YouTube video from your PC

  1. Go to “” and “Sign In” to your account if you are not already logged in. You can Sign In in the top right corner and enter your account details. If you are logged in to your account, open the navigation menu by clicking your account picture in the top right corner of the screen. After clicking the picture, a drop-down menu will be opened then select “My channel” from it.
  2. After clicking “My channel” it will take you to your profile page, where you can see all your uploaded videos.
  3. Once you are on your channel page, you can see two blue buttons below your cover photo. You can see two options, “Customise Channel” and “YouTube Studio(Beta)”. Click on the ” YouTube Studio(Beta)” option.
  4. Once you are inside your youtube studio, you can see your latest updates, channel analytics, top performance videos, and more. On the left side of your screen, you can find the channel menu, then select the “videos” tab, where you can see all your past uploads.
  5. From the page, move the arrow of the mouse to the video that you’d like to delete. When you do it, two options will appear, a play button and an “option” button that looks like three dots. Click on the dots to open up a menu of your options. 
  6. Click on the menu button, and select the “Delete” option.
  7. After you select the “delete” option, a box will pop up where you will be asked if you want to delete the video permanently. If you are ready to delete it (remember you cannot undo this), then tick the box that says it’s a permanent delete and click the “Delete video”. Now the video is permanently erased from your channel, and it will show ‘Video unavailable’ to individuals who may search for it. 

Looking for a way to delete your YouTube video on your mobile? Do not worry because we are here to help!

How to delete a YouTube video on your mobile 

  1. Open your YouTube app. If you are not logged in to your account, sign in, and it will bring you to your homepage.
  2. Get to your channel by clicking on your profile. You can find the picture on the top right corner of your phone screen, and it will bring you to your account menu. Click the “My Channel” option from the account menu to navigate to your channel.
  3. Once you are in your channel, you can see your profile picture, your subscribers count, and some of your recent videos. The menu will have five tabs- Home, videos, playlists, channel, and About. You must select “videos” from the menu.
  4. By clicking videos, it will take you to all your past uploads. Find the video that you wish to delete.
  5. Once you find the video that needs to be erased, you can find three dots on the far right side of your screen. Click on the three dots to open a menu of your options.
  6. From the menu opened, select “Delete”. This will open a box that says, ” Delete Upload.” If you are ready to delete( remember you cannot undo this), then click “ok”. Your YouTube video is permanently deleted, and it will show ‘Video unavailable’ if anyone searches for the deleted video. 

These are the two methods by which you can delete a YouTube video from your channel. Depending on which medium you use most frequently, you can opt to use either your mobile phone app or your browser from a PC. Since this is a permanent action, it cannot be undone. Make sure you have made a copy of the video onto your PC or mobile phone, in case you need to re-access it.