How to Delete Zoom account permanently

How to delete Zoom account (1)How to delete Zoom account (1)

One of the best video conferencing apps in recent times is Zoom. a Free Video call app easy to use with many features, but with one problem. The security level in the Zoom application is downgrading day by day, Google Told Its Workers That They Can’t Use Zoom, Why I refuse to sign up for Zoom, and India Flags Zoom App as Unsafe. Many users started uninstalling Zoom from their Mobile and PC. But, How to delete your Zoom account permanently to come out.

How to delete Zoom account (1)

Steps to Delete Zoom account in PC and Mobile

Before moving to the steps, keep in mind that once you delete your account all the recording, messages, Images you have shared and literally all the information stored under your Zoom account will be deleted for ever, You can’t get them back. So go to your account and backup any recordings, messages or images. and follow the steps below.

Step by step instruction to delete Zoom account

  1. Login to Zoom and go to My account

    go to, and log in to your account and then click on My account. This will take you to your account settings and other advanced configuration.

    Zoom homepage

  2. Click on Account Management

    Now entering into your account, you can see your profile followed by list of options on the left side. click on Account management.

    zoom profile

  3. Now Choose Account Profile

    Clicking on Account management will show you two options below, Account profile and Billing. Click on the account profile. This will show your Zoom account level options.

    Account Profile

  4. Terminate Zoom Account

    You’ll now see basic information like your Account type and Your role. below that, you can find the “Terminate my account” option. Click on that to delete your Zoom account permanently.Terminate my account

How to Terminate Zoom account on Android or iPhone

If you don’t have a PC with you and want to quickly delete Zoom on your mobile phone you can follow the above given steps in your Android or iOS mobile browser.

  1. Open a mobile browser and log in to Zoom account
  2. Now click on the three lines at the top right and choose my account at the bottom
  3. Click on the down arrow next to profile (you’ll see list of options)
  4. Choose Account Management and click on Account Profile.

    Deleting zoom in mobile
  5. Now Click on “Terminate my Account”.