How to get verified on Instagram?

Instagram Verified badgeInstagram Verified badge

Very much like on Twitter, Instagram provides verified badges to confirm accounts belonging to celebrities, sportspersons, brands, public figures, etc. This validation in the form of a blue tick, just next to the accounts’ name on the profile, from Instagram means that the account is completely verified at its end. Here in this article, you will read in detail on how to get your Instagram account.

verified badge

Please note that getting one of those verification badges on your Instagram account is not available to everyone, and is not easy. However, if you feel you deserve an Instagram validation, follow these essential steps to get your account verified. 

What are the requirements to apply for a verified badge?

The first step to start with the Instagram verification is to understand the criteria put forth by the social platform. Instagram closely looks into a wide range of parameters when assessing Instagram accounts to decide if they’re in the public interest and meet their verification criteria.

We would recommend you to read their Terms of Use and Community Guidelines before you apply. If you agree to the and if your account follows the below set of conditions, you can apply – 

Conditions to ger verified badge include – 

  • Your account must be authentic and must represent a real individual, entity or brand
  • Your account must be unique against the brand or person it represents. Instagram allows only one account per business or person for verification. 
  • If your account is of type General Interest, you do not qualify
  • Your account must be complete for the profile photo, bio with at least one post
  • You or your brand should be well known and notable. Each account is reviewed for its features outside Instagram – including news sources, other social profiles, authorship, etc. 

Key Points to Note Before You Apply

  • Providing any misleading or false information for the verification process can get your application rejected. In the worst cases, your account could be deleted as well. 
  • Even if you submit the right information, Instagram doesn’t guarantee verification badge.
  • Verification requests can be submitted by an account once in 30 Days (in case of rejections)
  • Verification badges from an account can be withdrawn if you attempt to validate the account from a 3rd party, or if you promote other services. 
Instagram Verified badge

How to Apply for Verification Badges on Instagram? 

After going through the above, if you feel your Instagram account deserves validation, go ahead and follow the below steps. 

  1. Log into your Instagram account that needs validation
  2. Navigate to your profile page and tap on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner
  3. In the menu, tap on Settings, then on Account
  4. In the newly displayed Account menu page, tap on Request Verification, which takes you to the application where you need to provide all necessary details. 
  5. Enter all your information, upload a government-issued photo id and tap on the Send button.
  6. You are done!

What to do when your application gets rejected?

If for some reason Instagram thinks that your account doesn’t deserve a blue tick yet, do the following and resubmit verification when you are ready (only after 30 days) 

  • Build a strong case – continue building your online presence, in addition to Instagram be active on Instagram include Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Keep a tab on impersonating accounts
  • Be super active online – Post updates, Engage with your audience
  • Google yourself – If you feel your presence is not what it should be, start writing blogs, posting content so that your name and fame are known. This helps during the review process. 


Instagram account validation is completely worth it and deserving ones should strive to achieve that coveted blue tick on their account. When the benefits of being validated by Instagram are many – better brand identity & credibility and stronger social reach, which in turn opens up a wide variety of opportunities.