How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone or iPad [2020]


If you are an Android user and thinking of switching to the iPhone, then you may be concerned about how to transfer all your data like music, photos, videos, and, most importantly, all your contacts without losing any data. You would probably think about saving your contact book. You have come to the right place if you are wondering about transferring contacts to the iPhone from Android. 

Transferring contacts from Android to iPhone is not easy, but it turns out to be a simple process with Google services. We are here to guide you for this journey about transferring contacts to iPhone from Android and making sure that no data is lost during this process.


There are different ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. These methods are discussed below. If you have been using Android for a long time, then go in proper order.

1. Transfer contacts using your Google Account

If you are using your Google account in your Android, then maybe all your contacts are already synced with your Google account. If not, at least the most frequently used contacts would be synchronized. You must have backed up your Android phone.

Steps to sync your contacts to your Google Account;

  1. Open setting app on your Android
  2. Choose the option “Account and Sync.”
  3. Enter your Google Account details
  4. Enable Synchronization
  5. Phone contacts and Google contacts are currently synchronized
  6. Unlock your iPhone 
  7. Open Settings app
  8. Tap on “Account and password.”
  9. Add your Google Account
  10. Make contacts enabled to Account

After a few moments, you will find all your contacts on your new iPhone. This is one of the easiest ways to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android. 

Now there are some advanced steps to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone, but these steps make sure that all your data is transferred safely without any loss. To make sure this method is always successful in future, consider performing the following steps either on your iPhone after you’ve emerged the above steps on your Android before you make the Next Move:

  1. Open the setting app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on Account and password
  3. Select Add account
  4. Tap on other
  5. Select Add CardDAV Account
  6. Fill out your account data within the following fields:

Server: Enter “”
User Name: Enter the email address of your Google Apps.
Password: Your Google Account
Description: Enter a description of your Account 

  1. Tap on Next at the top of your screen.
  2. Set the Contacts option to ON

After completing this setup process, go to the contact app on your iPhone. Syncing is done automatically between your iPhone and google account. This method to transfer contacts to the iPhone from Android is useful as next time when you think to switch your phone, you do not need to sync your contacts again. They are already synced to your Google Account, i.e., Google holds the key to all your accounts. 

2. Transfer contacts using Sim card

This technique works if the iPhone accepts the same size chip as that of Android. Be careful while doing this process. If you use the wrong size sim, all your contacts can be lost.

  1. Save all of your contacts to your sim on your Android phone
  2. Take out the sim from your Android phone
  3. Insert this sim in your iPhone 

(Make sure not to mislay the iPhone’s sim)

  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Tap on “contacts” option
  3. Select import sim contacts
  4. After this method is completed, replace the iPhone’s sim card with the original card.

3. Transfer the contacts manually using VCF file

There are some ways with which you can manually transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. This method is helpful if you don’t want to deal with cloud stuff. Make a VCF file, transfer it to the iPhone, and then all the contact data is in your hands. Let’s walk you through this process: 

  1. Unlock your Android phone and open settings app 
  2. Select three dots buttons in the main menu
  3. Select Import/ export to the storage
  4. A VCF file is created, and it is automatically saved on your phone
  5. Mail this file to yourself and open it on your iPhone
  6. IOS device will ask you to Add all contacts 

Follow these easy steps to transfer all your contacts safely to your new iPhone.

Using Android apps to transfer contacts

Copy trans contacts

You can use this app if you don’t want to sync your contacts to Google Account, also if you do not want to handle the cloud stuff or do not want to change sim card. Then go with easy steps:

  1. Download copy trans contacts app
  2. Install the program
  3. Run the program
  4. Main program window appears
  5. Connect it to iPhone
  6. Drag and drop the contacts file from Android 
  7. Open text trans contacts window 
  8. That’s it all the contacts are transferred to your iPhone

Using the Move to iOS app

With the movie to the iOS app, Apple makes it easier for the users to transfer contacts to the iPhone from Android. This app is available at “Google play” also so you can quickly get access to this app. This app gathers all the data from your Android in one place and then imports them to your iPhone. But for this method, it may ask you for a wifi connection.

Now you have seen that there are a lot of ways to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android. You can use any technique, you feel most comfortable. You can go with any of these methods with these simple steps. You don’t need to do any research work or put in a lot of effort. We are glad to share these multiple platforms about transferring contacts to iPhone from Android with you.