6 Picasa Alternatives 2020 [Free]

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Google recently announced that it will no longer support the Picasa desktop addition. It’s a good photo editor but the recent updates of Google Photos have more popularity than Picasa. If you are currently using Picasa then it will continue to work in your desktop but Google won’t offer you future updates. So, with Picasa gone, people would have to look for an alternative.

Top Picasa Free Alternatives tools

We have a list of some applications that work as good as Picasa, we have ranked them based on the features, user rating, and review.


Google Photos

Google is already encouraging people to switch to Google Photos. All you need to do is to log in to your Google Photos and all the previous pictures that you had edited or saved in Picasa will get transferred automatically to your Google Photos id. It has all the basic features and some additional ones too. And of course, it is free and easy to use.


Zoner Photo

If you are not a fan of Google Photos or Windows then Zoner studio is easily the next best choice for you. The interface is easy and looks super cool. You can download, edit your photos and store them in one place. But this app is not free; it offers you a 30-day free trial, after which you will have to get either a $45 Home version or a $65 Pro version. The price is worth it though, as it offers a lot of features along with the basic ones.


Phototheca makes is really easy to manage, organizes and sorts out your photos in one place of your desktop. The company offers a free version and paid version, both offer a library for you to import your images. It also offers a few unique features, such as displaying photos by calendar or in a timeline mode, in addition to the standard basic features, such as slideshows and photo browsing. It has a lot of versions, all of which work really well. The interface is pretty easy and editing as well as storing options do seem great.

4. ACDSee


This program is photo management as well as a photo editing platform, designed to allow users to easy and quick photo editing. You can organize your photos however you want, in chronological order, color codes, etc., and easily search for a given photo. Additionally, ACDSee offers editing features, such as applying filters, using drawing and selection tools, reducing red-eye and allows you to add borders, vignettes, and texts to images.



This application is free and can be used in Mac as well as in Windows. It is yet another amazing alternative to Picasa; it allows you to edit, enhance pictures and as well create those special effects. From the basic fixing and collages to cool edits and a lot more, it definitely is a good replacement of Picasa. Though it does not offer cloud storage unlike Picasa, it still is great.


Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is built to make you feel more like Picasa but with a simpler and better user interface. Though it doesn’t the dedicated cloud storage option but serves as an alternative to Picasa due to the editing and picture managing features available. Moreover, you can store your images and documents on Microsoft’s One Drive App for quick access. The photo editing and sharing experience will definitely satisfy you.

These are some of the apps that you can use to replace your Picasa app. Some of these are better than Picasa while some are just meant to fulfill your instant requirements. Check them all out and find out which one works best for you.